Landess Farm

Packing redesign for Landess Farm’s retail jams and spreads

Project Details

Landess Farm in Daleville, Indiana is well known for their family-friendly atmosphere and for their u-pick strawberries and pumpkins. Over the past year, I have been working with them to develop their branding. Recently I redesigned their packing for their retail line of jams and spreads.
I worked with Delmar, LLC and Landess Farms to develop a look and feel for their 11 flavors of jams/spreads as well as one design for a honey bottle. The design from the packaging was able to be carried over into their other marketing materials.
I was told that Landess Farms has seen a “significant increase in jam sales this year” since the packaging redesign.

  • Client:¬†Landess Farms
  • Tasks:¬†Advertising, Branding & Graphic Design